Slavica Erić, PhD

Dr sc. Slavica Erić

Title: Full time professor
Organizational unit: Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Room: 207 (Building B)
Phone: +381 113951 355


Slavica Erić graduated at University of Belgrade-Faculty of Pharmacy in 1991. She took a yaer training at Biochemical laboratory of Clinical Center of Serbia and obtained working certificate. She got position at Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, University of Belgrade-Faculty of Pharmacy as Teaching associate (1992-1994), Teaching assistant (1995-1998), Assistant (1999-2004), Assistant professor (2005-2010), Associate professor (2011-2015) and  Full time professor (2016-now). She finished master study at University of Belgrade-Faculty of Pharmacy in 1998, in the field of quantitative structure property relationships. PhD studies in the field of quantitative structure activity relationships and molecular modelling she performed in collaboration  with National Institute of Chemistry in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and defended dissertation in 2004. During 2006-2007 she has completed postdoctoral studies in Sirius Analytical Instruments (UK), in the field of physico-chemical characterization of drugs. In 2014, she specialized in Drug Quality Control.

Slavica Erić created and realizes 3 subjects at Integral Academic studies at Faculty of Pharmacy-UB: Pharmaceutical chemistry 1 (Molecular mechanisms of drug action, Physico-chemical characterization of drugs, Quantitative structure-activity relationships), Drug Design and Synthesis (Drug discovery, Rational drug design, Computer-aided drug design) and Selected topics in Pharmaceutical Chemistry (Anticancer drugs - resistance, toxicity and selectivity). She is also included in postgraduate studies as teacher and supervisor (PhD in Pharmaceutical-Medicinal Chemistry and specilazitations (QP and Drug Quality Control)). She is coauthor of two books for practical exercises (IR, Physico-chemical properties of drugs, qualitative and quantitative structure-activity relationships).

Her research interests include elucidation of drug action on molecular level and design of new drugs by applying computational methods (quantitative structure activity/property/toxicity relationships, molecular modelling, molecular dynamics etc). Recently she is most concerned on mechanisms of action of natural constituents and their optimization in drug design processes.

She has published over 40 papers (about 700 citations).

  • 3D-QSAR study of  adenosine 5’-phosphosulfate (APS) analogues as ligand for APS reductase; Eric Slavica, Cvijetic Ilija, Zloh Mire. J. Serb. Chem. Soc. 2021; 86: 561-570.
  • Structural Insights into Binding of Small Molecule Inhibitors to Enhancer of Zeste Homolog 2. Marko Kalinić, Mire Zloh, Slavica Erić. J Comput Aid Mol Des 2014; 28: 1109-1128.
  • Computational classification models for predicting the interaction of drugs with P-glycoprotein and Breast Cancer Resistance Protein. Slavica Erić, Marko Kalinić, Katarina Ilić, Mire Zloh. SAR QSAR Environ Res 2014; 25: 955-982.
  • Insights into mechanism of anticancer activity of pentacyclic oxindole alkaloids of Uncaria tomentosa by means of a computational reverse virtual screening and molecular docking approach. Pawel Kozielewicz, Mire Zloh, Katarzyna Paradowska, Slavica Erić, Iwona Wawer. Monatshefte fur Chemie - Chemical Monthly 2014; 145: 1201-1211.
  • Prediction of aqueous solubility of drug-like molecules using a novel algorithm for automatic adjustment of relative importance of descriptors implemented in counter-propagation artificial neural networks. Erić Slavica, Kalinic Marko, Popovic Aleksandar, Zloh Mire, Kuzmanovski Igor; International Journal of Pharmaceutics (2012) 437: 232-241