Jelena Munjas, PhD

Dr Jelena Munjas

Position: Assistant Professor
Organizational unit: Department of Medical Biochemistry




Jelena Munjas (mother's maiden Joksić) was born on 20th of January in 1986, in Belgrade. She graduated from elementary school and XIII Belgrade gymnasium in Belgrade, and afterwards enrolled Faculty of Pharmacy-module medical biochemistry at University of Belgrade in 2004 and graduated in 2010, with average grade 9.38. During her studies she won a prize for best student scientific research paper in medical sciences at University of Belgrade “The influence of oxidative stress on paraoxonase 1 activity in patients with brain insult”, an annual award “Professor Ivan Berkeš” for best graduating student in the class of 2009/2010 and received a scholarship of Republic of Serbia young talents for the best 1000 students of the final year of studies at University of Belgrade. In 2010. Jelena enrolled postgraduate studies at Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Belgrade in the scientific field of medical sciences- Medical biochemistry, and got a PhD degree on thesis “Measurement of gene expression levels of resistin, resistin receptor and circulating resistin concentrations in blood of patients with ischemic heart disease”. Since 2011. she has been involved in teaching in several courses at the Department of medical biochemistry, and since 2013. works as a teaching assistant at the Department of medical biochemistry. She has participated in 2 national, 3 international bilateral projects and 5 international COST actions, and has 18 published papers from SCI list. She participated in several international courses and schools, and won a second prize in “Digital droplet PCR grant challenge“ held by Labena company Ltd.

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