Aleksandra Novaković, PhD

Aleksandra NovakovićTitle: Full Professor
Organizational unit: Department of Pharmacology
Room: B/105
Phone: +381 11 3951-275, 3951-281
Fax: +381 11 3972-840


Dr Aleksandra Novakovic works as a associate professor on Department of Pharmacology, Faculty of Pharmacy University of Belgrade. She graduated at Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Belgrade. Master degree thesis entitled: “The Contrastive Analysis of Antivasoconstrictor Effect of Potassium Channels Modulators on the Isolated Saphenous Vein and Internal Thoracic Artery” she defended at School of Medicine, University of Belgrade in 2001. She defended her specialist thesis in Pharmaco-inphormatics at Faculty of Pharmacy in Belgrade in 2003. PhD thesis entitled: “Analysis of Resveratrol Effect onto both Human and Animal Isolated Blood Vessels” was defended at School of Medicine, University of Belgrade in 2005.

In 2002, she got the award of Ministry of Science, Technologies and Development of the Republic of Serbia as the best young scientists with master degree. Prof. Aleksandra Novakovic participates in teaching on the two subjects, Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy, organized for Faculty of Pharmacy students. In addition, she is included in classes organized for students on specializations and doctoral studies at the Faculty of Pharmacy. She is a mentor and member of Committees for defending graduate and specialist works, as well as doctoral thesis.

Prof. Aleksandra Novakovic is a fellow of the Committee of Cardiovascular Pathology SANU. Since 2013, she is a member of the Program Council of the Center for Continuous Education at Faculty of Pharmacy.

She is reviewer for the international journals: Pharmacological Research, Experimental Gerontology, The Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology, Medicinal Chemistry. Dr Aleksandra Novakovic is a head of the international project (bilateral Serbian - Chinese science and technology cooperation (2013-2015)) entitled “Investigation of the Effect and Mechanism of Action of Different Vasodilator Substances on the Human Bypass Grafts“. She is also involved in 2 national projects: (2011-2014) project of the Ministry of Science and Technology and Development of the Republic of Serbia (P175088) entitled “Investigation of the Effect and Mechanism of Action of Different Vasodilator Substances on the Human Bypass Grafts”; (2008- ) project of Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts entitled “Research of pathologic-morphological lesions: congenital and acquired heart defects (and their pulmonary circulation), myocardium and coronary blood vessels” with the head of academician Vladimir Kanjuh.

Until now, she had three invited lectures, as well as seven oral presentations of her works on the international and national congresses.

The area of dr Aleksandra Novakovic scientific research is cardiovascular pharmacology. In this area, she has 68 articles and announcement: 10 scientific articles in the international journals indexed by Science Citation Index, 6 articles in the national journal, 3 articles in thematic collections of international relevance, one chapter in the monograph of national relevance, 3 articles presented at the congresses of national relevance printed in its entirety, 30 announcement on the congresses with international relevance and 15 announcement on the congresses of national relevance printed as an abstract.

She is a co-author of Practicum of pharmacology and textbook Pharmacotherapy for pharmacists.

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