Zorica Vujić, PhD

Dr sc. Zorica Vujić

Position: full time professor
Organizational unit:  Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Room: 207 (Building B)
Phone: +381 11 3951340


PhD Zorica Vujić graduated at the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Belgrade in 1987. with the average grade 9.73/10. During undergraduate studies she had the Scholarship of the Republic Foundation for Support of Young Scientists and Artists. She was awarded a Master of Science in 1996 and defended her PhD thesis in 2001. She completed her study training at Charles University, Faculty of Medicine, Prague, Czech Republic (3 months) and postdoc study at the University of Illinois, Faculty of Pharmacy, Chicago (15 months). In 2002 she completed postgraduate medical specialization Drug Quality Control.  In 2014 she finished postgraduate academic specialization Qualified pharmacist.

From October 1990 she has been engaged at the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry as an teaching associate (1996), assistant (2002), assistant professor (2007), associate professor (2012) and from 2012 as a full professor. She actively participates in the preparations and implementations of undergraduate and postgraduate courses of the Department. She was mentor of four defended PhD thesis, ten specialization, over 15 undergraduate diplomas work and member of dozens of commissions for the defense of doctoral and specialist theses.

She is author of peer-reviewed script “Selected chapters of Pharmaceutical Chemistry” (2012) and edition dissertation “Analytics of antidepressants” (2002). She is co-author of a textbook “Introduction to drug chemistry” (2021) and “Handbook for practice of pharmaceutical chemistry, I and II part”.

Since 1996. she has been involved in five international project and seven national project, including the last one “Utilization of interplay between inflammation and cancer in the development of compounds with anticancer activity” (2021-2024).

Research interest: synthesis, evaluation of physico-chemical and biological properties of pharmaceutical compounds, development and validation of analytical and bioanalytical methods. She published over 50 original research papers in the journals covered by the Science Citation Index.

Zorica Vujić was Head of Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry (2019-2021), Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy (2012-2018),  Vice-dean for Finance of Faculty of Pharmacy (2009-2012), the President of Republic Expert Commission of Pharmacy (2014-2018). She is an expert of the Medicines and Medical Devices Agency of Serbia and Honorary member of Pharmaceutical Chamber of Serbia.

From 2021  to present she is Vice-Rector for Finance, University of Belgrade.

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