Biljana Otašević, PhD

Dr sc. Aleksandra Stefanović

Position: Associate Professor
Organizational unit: Department of Drug Analysis
Room: 210
Phone: +381 113951 334
Fax: +381 1139 72 840


Biljana Otašević graduated in 2003, defended doctoral thesis in 2011 and finished specialist studies required by the health system in 2019 on University of Belgrade-Faculty of pharmacy.

She is involved in theoretical and practical classes on courses within integrated academic studies held at the Department of drug analysis. Within postgraduate programmes, she participates in specialist academic studies Release of medicinal product on the market and Biological drugs, specialist studies required by the health system Testing and control of drugs and doctoral academic studies in the field of Drug analysis.

She mentors 3 doctoral and 2 specialist theses and numerous final exams on integrated academic studies. She is a member of the commission for the defence of doctoral, specialist thesis and final exams, Commission for monitoring and improving the quality of postgraduate studies and Commission for doctoral studies at University of Belgrade-Faculty of Pharmacy and acted as external reviewer of doctoral theses on foreign universities. She mentored several student research papers and was a member of the expert commissions of students’ mini-congresses within CNIRS and the Congress of students of biomedical sciences of Serbia.

Since 2003, she participates in national basic research projects in the field of chemistry. She was the principal investigator on the project of bilateral scientific cooperation with Slovenia (2016-2017) and is an associate on the project of bilateral cooperation with Germany (2020-2021).

Her research focuses on the analysis of pharmacologically active compounds and their impurities and stability testing by forced degradation studies applying RP-(U)HPLC coupled with DAD, CAD, ESI-MS or APCI-MS systems, LC-MS and LC-MS/MS techniques while the chemometric approach is implemented in method development and validation. The fundamental understanding of aforementioned analytical systems is achieved through interpretation of models built using machine learning algorithms in which the relationship between the chemical structure of compounds and their analytical response is quantitatively expressed.

She published 50 scientific papers, 39 of which in international journals from the SCI list. She acted as lecturer, co-author of oral presentations, member of scientific board or chair of sessions on 10 international and 5 national scientific conferences, presented her work on 52 international and 14 national scientific conferences, has 300 citations without self-citations and h-index of 11.

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