Biljana Otašević, PhD

Dr sc. Aleksandra Stefanović

Position: Associate Professor
Organizational unit: Department of Drug Analysis
Room: 210
Phone: +381 113951 334
Fax: +381 1139 72 840


Dr sc. Biljana Otašević was born on July 20th 1977 in Zemun where she finished elementary and high school. She enrolled in Faculty of pharmacy in Belgrade in academic year 1996/97. She graduated in 2003 and finished doctoral thesis in 2011.

She participates in realisation of lectures and practical training within integrated academic studies on mandatory course Pharmaceutical analysis and elective courses Regulatory affairs in drug control and Experimental design in pharmaceutical analysis. She had and active role in curriculum supplementation for all mentioned courses. She also participates in realisation of practical training on elective course Sport pharmacy. Within postgraduate studies, she gives lectures on doctoral studies − module Drug analysis and specialist academic studies Pharmacy 3 – module Release of medical products on market.

She is mentor of one ongoing doctoral thesis and was the member of the commission for the evaluation of one finished doctoral thesis. She is the member of the commission for the monitoring and quality improvement of postgraduate studies. To the present, she was the mentor of 5 final exams and the member of the commission for the evaluation of 39 final exams.

She participates in preparation of student research projects within Centre for student scientific research work; to the present she was the mentor of 6 student research works and took part in the activities of expert commission of Seventh student mini-congress.

Since 2003, she participates in projects founded and financed by the Ministry of science and environmental protection of Republic of Serbia (project no. 1458), Ministry of science, technology and development (in period 2006-2010, project no. 142071B), as well as in ongoing project of Ministry of education and science (no. 172033).

The main scientific research interest is based on investigation of pharmacologically active compounds, impurities and degradation products in pharmaceutical dosage forms as well as their stability evaluation within forced degradation studies involving the reversed-phase high pressure and ultra-high pressure liquid chromatography with different detection systems and mass spectrometry. Besides, her research activities are related to extraction techniques used for preparation and purification of biological materials aimed for investigation of drugs and their metabolites. Chemometric approach is involved in analytical method development and validation by means of experimental design, multi-criteria decision making methodology and artificial neural network. Lately, her work was supplemented with the investigation of quantitative relations between chemical structure and retention behaviour of group of compounds in chromatographic system (QSRR studies).

She is the author of total of 58 scientific publications among which are 17 scientific papers published in international journals indexed in SCI list. She gave one lecture which was abstracted in national conference abstract book. She has 4 published proceedings, 23 presentations on international and 9 presentations on national scientific meetings.

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