Ana Protić, PhD

Position: assitant professor
Organizational unit: Department of Analytical Chemistry
Room: 210
Phone: +381 1139 51 334
Fax: +381 1139 72 840


Ana Protić graduated at the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Pharmacy in 2004, defended PhD thesis in 2011, and obtained health specialization degree in Drug Quality Control in 2019.

Participates in the realization of practical and theoretical classes at all courses within the Department of Drug Analysis. She was a mentor of one presented PhD thesis, one presented specialist thesis in Drug Quality Control, and numerous final exams at the integrated academic studies. She is actively involved in the realization of the students’ research activities within Center for Scientific Research of Students.

She has participated in several national projects financed by the Ministry of Science, Education and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia. As the principal investigator, she was enrolled in the bilateral project "Chemometrically supported study of Charged Aerosol Detector" that Faculty of Pharmacy had with the University of Würzburg (2020-2021). Actively participates in the project "Effective teaching for student engagement & success in digital learning environment – StudES" University of Belgrade (2021-2023). She is a member of the Editorial Board of the journal Archives of Pharmacy.

The main scientific interest is oriented towards LC modified systems. This approach enables the reduction of the amount of toxic organic solvents used per analysis. In this way, the LC methods used for drug analysis become more eco-friendly. The research is greatly supported by the application of in-silico methods, allowing valid conclusions to be established without prolonged experimentation. More recently, scientific interest includes exploring the possibility of using environmentally friendly solvents in LC methods, such as ethanol and acetone. To achieve this goal, the use of Corona Charged Aerosol Detectors (CAD) has been proposed.

She published 40 research papers in international journals from the SCI list, of which 21 papers are in category M21 and 19 papers in category M23, as well as 9 papers in the leading national journal Archives of Pharmacy.She has been cited 260 times without autocitations, her h-index is 10. She gave three invited lectures at the international conferences.

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