Dragana Lakić, PhD

Dr sc. Dragana Lakić

Position: Associate professor
Organizational unit: Department of social pharmacy and pharmaceutical legislation
Room: Centre for development of pharmacy practice
Phone: +381 11 3951 206
Fax: +381 11 3972 840
E-mail: dlakic@pharmacy.bg.ac.rs


Dragana Lakic graduated in June 2002 at the Faculty of Pharmacy - University of Belgrade. In the autumn of 2010 finished postgraduate studies in Pharmacoeconomics and Pharmaceutical legislation at the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Belgrade. In April 2012 at the University of Ljubljana Faculty of Pharmacy, defended her doctoral thesis entitled Pharmacoeconomics of cardiovascular disease.

Mandatory internship conducted in a private pharmacy immediately after undergraduate studies. During the 2002 and 2003 she worked as an associate at the Institute of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Drug Analysis, Faculty of Pharmacy, and then as a responsible pharmacist in a public pharmacy. From January 2004 until the departure to Slovenia in 2005 dr sci. Dragana Lakić worked at Eli Liily (Suisse) SA, representative office Belgrade as a medical representative. From October 2006 employed at the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Belgrade, at the Department of Social Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Legislation, first as an Associate, and then (from 2007) as an Research assistant. From January 2013 she has been elected to the position of Assistant Professor, Department of Social Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical legislation.

Dragana Lakić participates in the undergraduate and postgraduate studies organized at the Faculty of Pharmacy. By the 2008 she has participated as a researcher in two projects of the Ministry of Education, science and technological development of Republic of Serbia (basic research in the field of medicine). She has published over 35 scientific papers and communications (8 papers published in international journals, 2 in national journals and 4 oral lectures at international and national scientific conferences). She is a co-author of three textbooks for students of the Faculty of Pharmacy. Dragana Lakić was a mentor and member of the committee in a numerous graduate and student research papers and specialist thesis. She has participated as a lecturer at numerous courses and seminars designed for continuing education to pharmacists, physicians and other healthcare professionals.

Dr. sci Dragana Lakić is a member of the Pharmacoeconomic Committee at the Health Insurance Fund since 2008.

Research fields: pharmacoeconomics, pharmacy practice research

Language: English, Slovenian

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