Jelena Vekić, PhD

Dr sc. Jelena Vekić

Position: Full professor
Organizational unit:
Department of Medical Biochemistry
Vojvode Stepe 450, 11221 Beolgrade, Serbia
+381 113951 266


Jelena Vekić works at Faculty of Pharmacy since 2003. She is engaged in teaching of several obligatory and elective courses at integrated academic studies, PhD studies and specialist studies at the Faculty. Her scientific interest is focused on structure-functional properties of lipoproteins, molecular mechanisms involved in the regulation of lipid/lipoprotein metabolism and clinical significance of novel lipid biomarkers. Main areas of her research include: atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease, obesity, metabolic syndrome and diabetes. She published two book chapters, more than 60 papers in international journals, and two university textbooks.


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