Snežana Uskoković-Marković, PhD

Dr sc. Snežana Uskoković-Marković

Position: associate professor
Organizational unit: Department of Analytical Chemistry
Adresa: Vojvode Stepe 450, 11221 Beograd, Srbija
Room: A206
Phone: +381 11 3951-261
Fax: +381 11 3972-840


Dr Snežana Uskoković-Marković was born in Belgrade, where she finished elementary and high school.

The Faculty of Pharmacy in Belgrade graduated in June1993. with an average score of 10.00 during the study. Starting from October 1993.

Snezana Uskoković Markovic has been working at the Institute of Analytical Chemistry.

Master's thesis entitled "Characterization of earth alkaline salts of 12 - tungstophosphoric acid" and doctoral thesis "Characterization and monitoring of 12 - tungstophosphoric acid and its derivatives as plant antiviral agents," were defended at the Faculty of Chemistry, University of Belgrade.

Dr Snezana Uskokovic-Markovic participate in theoretical and practical training for students integrated academic studies at the Faculty of Pharmacy of the compulsory subjects and Analytical Chemistry 1 and Analytical Chemistry 2, as well as elective courses Introduction to laboratory work and Selected chapters of analytical chemistry.

Dr Snežana Uskoković-Marković is the co-author of two practicum assignments for the course Analytical Chemistry for the students of the Faculty of Pharmacy. She has participated in committees for the defense of more than 200 diploma works, mentor for 50 diploma works and six student research papers.

Dr Snežana Uskoković-Marković is continuously engaged in scientific research (6 research projects). Dr Snežana Uskoković-Marković was involved in the international project with France, "Structures and mobilite ionique / protonique de solides reseaux hotes" (CNRS). During the 2002 she spent two months in Paris in CNRS laboratories, at the expert specialization in the field of vibrational spectroscopy within COCOOP project. It also participates in international projects with Greece, "Design of humidity sensors based on heteropolyacid systems" (National Technical University of Athens).

She has published a total of 75 publications, including 1 monograph of national importance (M42) and 36 articles: 4 papers in top international journals (M21), 11 in prominent international journals (M22 ), 15 papers in international journals (M23), 1 paper in the monograph of national importance (M45), 2 papers in M51 journals and 3 papers in journals of national importance (M52). She has 38 contributions presented at the international and national conferences.

Dr Snežana Uskoković-Marković was a member of the editorial board of V Yugoslav Pharmacopoeia, as well as the member of the Organizing Committee 12th Conference of General and Applied Spectroscopy, Belgrade.

Her research interests include the application of vibrational spectroscopy, superionic proton conductors, heteropoly compounds - the characterization and the determination of biological activity, the elementary profile determination - the analysis of plant material, soil and archaeological samples and ion speciation as well. Awards:

  • The first prize winner of Ljubica Dragićević Ciga legacy in 1994.
  •  The generation student of the Faculty of Pharmacy in 1993. - Award of the University of Belgrade.
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