Vladimir Dobričić, PhD

Farmaceutski fakultet

Position: associate professor
Organizational unit:  Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Room: 207 (Building B)
Phone:  +381 11 3951339


Vladimir Dobričić was born in Belgrade in 1984. He enrolled at the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Pharmacy in 2003 and graduated in 2009 (average mark 9.87/10.00). He was announced the best graduated student at the study program Pharmacy in 2008/2009 (by the Society of medical biochemists and scientific foundation “prof. dr. Ivan Berkeš”). He was also announced the best graduated student at the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Pharmacy in 2008/2009 by the University of Belgrade. He enrolled at doctoral studies at the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Pharmacy (module: pharmaceutical chemistry) in 2009 and finished it in 2014 (title: “Design, synthesis, physicochemical and biological properties of amides of anti-inflammatory steroid cortienic acids”; defense date: 22nd December 2014). He was a scholar of Republic foundation for the development of scientific and artistic youth and Ministry of education, science and technological development of Republic of Serbia (2009-2011). He has been employed at the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, University of Belgrade – Faculty of Pharmacy since 2011. He teaches Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry 1, Drug design and synthesis and Pharmaceutical Chemistry 1 – English program (theoretical classes), as well as Pharmaceutical Chemistry 1, Pharmaceutical Chemistry 2, Pharmaceutical Chemistry 3, Drug design and synthesis, Pharmaceutical Chemistry 1 – English program, Pharmaceutical Chemistry 3 – English program (practical classes) at integrated academic studies. He also teaches Chemical and biopharmaceutical aspects and computational methods in drug design at doctoral studies and Pharmaceutical-medicinal chemistry at specialist academic studies. His research interest is focused on design, synthesis, investigation of physico-chemical and biological properties of compounds with anti-inflammatory and anticancer activity, as well as on the development and validation of analytical and bioanalytical methods for the quantification of pharmacologically active compounds in pharmaceutical formulations and biological samples. He speaks English and Russian.

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