Aleksandra Janošević Ležaić, PhD

Dr sc. Aleksandra Janošević

Position: associate professor
Organizational unit: Department of Physical Chemistry and Instrumental Methods
Room: 004 (Building B)
Phone: +381 11 3951 286


Aleksandra Janošević Ležaić was born in Bor. She received her bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees from the Faculty of Physical Chemistry, University of Belgrade. She is associate professor at Department of Physical Chemistry and Instrumental Methods since february 2021.

She teaches several courses: Instrumental Methods, Colloid Chemistry, Instrumental Methods and Colloid Chemistry, and participates in practical classes in all courses at the Department of Physical Chemistry and Instrumental Methods.

She has participated as a researcher in 2 national and 3 international scientific research projects (2010-2021). She is a participant in the project of scientific research in the field of natural sciences within the program IDEAS: Advanced Conducting Polymer-Based Materials for Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage, Sensors and Environmental Protection (AdConPoliMat) (since 2021).

She has been a member of the commission for the defense of two doctoral dissertations, mentor of 10 final / graduate and 10 student research papers.

As postdoctoral researcher, in 2014. she stayed at ETH Zurich, Institute of Polymers, Zurich, Switzerland and the Brandenburg Technical University Cottbus-Senftenberg, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Senftenberg, Germany.

Scientific research predominantly belongs to the field of physical chemistry of materials, and especially refers to the synthesis and characterization of electrically conductive and redox-active polymers / oligomers and carbon nanomaterials, as well as their applications in electroconversion, pharmacy and reactions important for environmental protection.

Her other scientific research interests are: analysis of the quality of herbal oils, which is based on determining the physical and chemical properties, as well as their antioxidant potential; incorporating herbal oils into the nanoemulsion as a new carrier for natural and sensitive bioactive ingredients in protective skin care formulations; and investigation of micellar and thermodynamic properties of surfactants and their application in various liquid micellar systems.

She is the author of 33 scientific papers in international journals and four in domestic journals. She has participated in numerous international and domestic scientific conferences. According to Google Scholar data, the database was cited a total of 507 times, and according to Scopus Database cited 392 times without autocitations, the h index is 11.

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