Slavica Blagojević, PhD

Dr sc. Slavica Blagojević

Position: Associate Professor
Organisational unit: Department of Physical Chemistry and Instrumental Methods
Room: B004
Phone: +381 11 3951 287

Dr. Slavica Blagojević graduated, obtained her master's and PhD degree (in 2009.) at the Faculty of Physical Chemistry, University of Belgrade. In 2016, she was elected as associate professor for the narrower scientific field of Physical Chemistry at the University of Belgrade - Faculty of Pharmacy.

Participates in the implementation of theoretical teaching in integrated academic studies from courses Physical Chemistry (both study programs), Instrumental methods (study program Pharmacy‒medical biochemistry), Physical chemistry (study program Pharmacy), practical teaching (course Physical chemistry), and theoretical teaching in doctoral academic studies from courses Selected Chapters of Instrumental Methods (module Pharmacognosy) and Selected Instrumental Methods (module Bromatology).

She was a mentor of one master's thesis, graduate theses and student scientific research papers and a member of the Commission for defense of numerous graduation theses defended at the Faculty of Pharmacy.

He is the co-author of university textbooks Instrumental methods - practicum with examples (study program Pharmacy-medical biochemistry (2018.)), Practicum in physical chemistry (2011.) and a chapter in the outstanding international monograph Encyclopedia of Physical Organic Chemistry (John Wiley&Sons, 2017.).

Participated in the realisation of 5 National Scientific Research Projects (1995-2019.) and one european project (2013-2017.). Scientific research interest: nonlinear physicochemical and biological systems (experimental analysis, modeling, application), flavonoid complexes (analysis, determination), surfactants in liquid micellar mixtures (performance analysis, application), quenching of fluorescence (kinetic analysis, application).

She has published 29 peer-reviewed scientific papers and participated with 42 announcements at scientific conferences. According to the SCOPUS database, the total number of heterocitations is 234 (h-index 8).Dr Slavica Blagojević was a reviewer by invitation in the international journals and papers at an international conference “Physical Chemistryˮ organized by the Society of Physical Chemists of Serbia.

She is a member of the Committee for publishing of the Faculty of Pharmacy, and a member of the Society of Physical Chemists of Serbia.

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