Milica Lukić, PhD

Dipl. farm. Milica Lukić

Position: Associate professor
Organizational unit: Depatment of Pharmaceutical Technology and Cosmetology
Room: 301, B
Telefon: +381 11 3951 365
Fax: +381 11 3972-840


Milica Lukic graduated at Faculty of Pharmacy 2004, where she began the doctoral studies of Pharmaceutical Sciences – Modul Cosmetology at 2007. Since the year 2007 she is employed at Faculty of Pharmacy where she participates in the implementation of practical teaching at integrated studies. She began her work at a position of teaching associate (2007-2009) and afterwards as a teaching assistant at Department of Pharmaceutical Technology and Cosmetology. She takes part in the realization of postgraduate specialist cosmetology studies.

She is a collaborator in projects governed by the Ministry of Science and Ministry of education, science and technological development since 2008: project TR19058 (2008-2010) and project TR34031 (2011-2012). Milica Lukic is an author and co-author in more than 45 publications, as well as 3 technical solutions.

Her scientific work is mainly focused at investigation and development of dermocosmetic emulsion systems; emulsions’ physicochemical and in vivo characterization. In her work great attention is broth upon the characterization and investigation of novel raw materials (emulsifiers), examining the relations and discovering correlations between instrumental measurements and human perception, also investigation of possibility to use different techniques in new areas. Special aspect in her work presents: (i) sensory evaluation of cosmetic and dermocosmetic products and (i) efficacy and safety evaluations of cosmetics and dermocosmetic systems with the use of bioengineering techniques.

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