General information

Head of Department: Professor Ivan Stanković, PhD

Department of Bromatology has a long tradition in food chemistry, nutrition and dietetic research, providing knowledge about food composition, chemistry of food bioactive compounds, nutritional needs and energy requirements of specific population groups, nutrient interactions, as well as food and drug interactions. 

Department  of Bromatology organizes: 

  • Integrative academic studies in the following courses:

In the cooperation with Department of Medical Biochemistry, the Department of Bromatology participates in the implementation of the Integrative Studies course An Introduction to Medical Biochemistry, at the Master of Biochemistry – Medical Biochemist study program.

Department of Bromatology conducts and organizes postdoctorial studies:

  • Health specialization studies for the medical workers in the field of sanitary chemistry
  • Doctoral degree program – modul Bromatology.

Department of Bromatology is  responsible for scientific field Bromatology at the University of Belgrade.

Department of Bromatology is also involved in following postdoctorial studies as one of the partners:

  • Academic specialization Qualified Pharmacist
  • Academic specialization Pharmacotherapy in Pharmaceutical Practice.

The teaching stuff of the department has been constantly participating in realization of scientific projects financed by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development. In the latest project period which started in 2010, department’s teaching stuff and co-workers has been engaged in projects:

III46001 Development and implementation of new traditional technologies in the production of competitive food products with added value for domestic and European market; III46009 Improvement and development of new technological procedures in the production of animal origin products in order to make quality and health safe products competitive on the global market.

Department intensively collaborates with respectable national and international scientific and professional institutions. Some of institutions with which Department is constantly cooperating are: Faculty of Medicine University in Belgrade, Faculty of Agriculture University of Belgrade, Faculty of Technology University of Novi Sad, Association for Sports Medicine (, Nutrition Society of Serbia (, Anti-Doping Agency of Serbia (, Serbian Association for Coeliac Disease (, Pharmacy Association Union of Serbia (

Department of Bromatology conducts physical-chemical analyses of food and dietetic products, while department’s teaching stuff is engaged in giving expert opinions about dietetic products and dietetics supplements.

This department in the cooperation with Association for Sports Medicine has organized Dietetic Supplement Conference 3 times for the past 4 years. (

Department of Bromatology organizes continuing education courses for pharmacists (topics: obesity, dyslipidemia).