General information

Head of Department: Associate Professor Dragana Vasiljević

At the Department of Pharmaceutical Technology and Cosmetology are realized held: integrated academic studies, specialist studies required by the health system in Pharmaceutical Technology, specialist academic studies in Industrial Pharmacy and Cosmetology, and doctoral academic studies - scientific fields of Pharmaceutical Technology and Cosmetology.

The Department conducts teaching and scientific research activities within the narrower scientific fields of Pharmaceutical Technology and Cosmetology.

The research activities of teachers and associates of the Department include: formulation of both conventional and modified-release pharmaceutical dosage forms for different routes of application; design and characterization of drug carriers such as microparticles, colloidal drug carriers (nanoemulsions, microemulsions, nanoparticles, vesicles) and therapeutic systems for different administration routes; application of 2D and 3D printing methods in the manufacturing of various pharmaceutical dosage forms, biopharmaceutical characterization of active substances and dosage forms; application of optimization techniques, methods of multivariate analysis and machine learning in the development of formulation and processes; in silico modeling of drug absorption; preformulation studies of active substances and excipients necessary for the formulation of pharmaceutical preparations; preformulation testing of cosmetic ingredients essential for modern formulations of cosmetic products; in vivo evaluation of the effects of pharmaceuticals and cosmetic products on the skin; development of methods for in vitro/ex vivo testing of drug permeation profiles from cutaneous preparations.

Numerous pharmaceutical-technological and biopharmaceutical tests of pharmaceutical preparations and tests of cosmetic products are performed at the Department (link).