General information

The Head of Department: Full Professor, Branislava Lakušić

At the Department of Botany  theoretical and practical classes are conducted within:

  • The integrated academic studies of study program  Pharmacy
  • The department also participates in the implementation of doctoral academic studies (Pharmaceutical Science,modul Pharmacognosy)

The scientific field of research at the Department of Botany includes fundamental and applied investigation on the flora of the Balkan Peninsula. Research includes morpho-anatomical and biochemical variability of species at the population level; morphological and anatomical characteristics important in the identification of plants (herbal drugs); biological and ecological functions of essential oils; variability of essential oils depending on the ecological conditions of the habitat. The Department of Botany is equipped, in terms of personnel and material, for each type of determination of plants and plant material (taxonomic identification, distribution, morphological and anatomical analysis).