General information

Head of Department: Dr sc. Nada Kovačević, Full Professor

In its long tradition, the Department of Pharmacognosy is engaged in education, scientific research and professional work in the field of pharmacognosy and natural medicinal products. The department is the main one for the narrower scientific field of Pharmacognosy.

The classes provide information on the chemical structure of the most important groups of pharmacologically active compounds of natural origin, plants source of medicinal raw materials, different methods of production of natural medicinal raw materials and herbal drug technology, their properties, ingredients, action and application for herbal medicinal products, quality and quality control of natural raw materials and herbal medicinal products, as well as the principles and possibilities of their rational application and phytotherapy.

Within the course, basic knowledge of isolation, purification and structural analysis of plant ingredients and natural products is acquired. Scientific research work is reflected in the morphological, chemical and pharmacological characterization of plants, herbal drugs and drug preparations. The subject of research are endemic, relict and rare plants, in order to characterize them and discover new natural medicinal raw materials. We are also working on verifying the traditional use and expanding the possibilities of using well-known and long-used medicinal plants.

The ultimate professional goal is to define the quality and methods of quality control of drugs, plant extracts and other plant isolates and their application as active ingredients of herbal medicinal products intended for use in defined indication areas.