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Teachers of the Department of Toxicology “Akademik Danilo Soldatović”have established two centers, at the level of the Faculty of Pharmacy: the Center for Toxicological Risk Assessment of the Faculty of Pharmacy, which is a part of the collaborative network of the risk assessment centers of the World Health Organization, and through which the Department operates with WHO CRAN (World Health Organization Chemicals Risk Assessment Network) and the Center for the Prevention of Addictive Behaviour of the Faculty of Pharmacy, whose goal is to raise awareness through various activities and cooperation with relevant institutions, the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia and the Office for Combating Drugs of the Republic of Serbia, primarily among the students, about the risks of substance abuse.

Through various scientific and professional activities through the Serbian Society of Toxicology (UTS), Association of Pharmacists Belgrade, Pharmaceutical Association of Serbia (SFUS), European Society of Toxicologists (EUROTOX), International Association of Toxicologists (IUTOX), European Association of Endocrinologists (ESE), World Health Organization (WHO) and other organizations, members of the Department have been successfully implementing projects of importance for the development of Toxicology, but also projects of wider social significance, focused on the contribution of Toxicology to society, education of vulnerable populations, for safe coexistence with chemicals.

Teachers of the Department have the title of registered toxicologists in the European Union (European Registered Toxicologist - ERT).