Violeta Slavkovska, PhD

Dr sc. Violeta Slavkovska

Position: Associate Professor
Organizational unit: Department of Botany
Address: Vojvode Stepe 450, 11221 Belgrade, Serbia
Room: B102
Phone: +381 11 3951-304


Dr Violeta Slavkovska graduated in 1987 from the Faculty of Sciences, University of Belgrade, Department of Biology, with 8.27 average grade and mark 10 on the final exam.

She entered post-graduate studies in school year 1989/90 at the Plant Ecology group, Faculty of Biology, University of Belgrade. She defended her Master’s thesis “The composition of the essential oils of aggregate Satureja montana L. (Lamiaceae) in various regions of the central part of the Balkan Peninsula” in 1996.

She defended her Doctoral dissertation with the title “Differentiation of the species of genera Acinos Miller, Calamintha Miller and Micromeria Bentham (Lamiaceae) of the central part of the Balkan Peninsula: anatomical characteristics and essential oils" in 2008, at the Faculty of Biology, University of Belgrade.

She started working at the Department of Botany of the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Belgrade in 1989 as associate. She was elected as graduate assistant in 1990 and became teaching assistant for Botany at the Faculty of Pharmacy in 1996. She was elected as assistant professor for the scientific field Botany at the Faculty of Pharmacy in 2011 and as associate professor in 2018.

Dr Violeta Slavkovska participates in the realisation of the teaching programme of the mandatory course Botany and elective course Medicinal Plants and the Environment, in the integrated academic studies of the Pharmacy study programme. Since 2017/18 school year, she is  included in the realization of  the teaching programme of Botany  at the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Bijeljina, Republic of Srpska.

She is a mentor and takes part in commissions for the reviewing and defence of graduation/final thesis at the Faculty of Pharmacy. She was a member of the Commission for the review, evaluation and defense of the doctoral dissertation and master's thesis at the Faculty of Biology, University of Belgrade.

Since 1991, she has been a continual associate in 5 scientific research projects funded by the Ministry of Science. At present she is working on national project 173021, “Investigation of the medicinal potential of plants: morphological, chemical and pharmacological characterisation” – MSTDRS, 2011-2019.

She is co-author of the Practice Handbook for students of the Faculty of Pharmacy (first published in 1996), Workbook of botany for students of Faculty of Pharmacy, reviewed supplemental handbook "Medicinal Plants and the Environment" and Illustrated Dictionary of Botany for students of the Faculty of Pharmacy.

She published 30 scientific papers, 7 of them in prominent international journals, 17 in  international  journals, 3 in leading national journal and 3 in national journals. She had 47 presentations at scientific meetings, 28 of them on the international and 19 on the national meetings.

The scientific research of Dr Violeta Slavkovska is related to secondary metabolites (essential oils), morphology, anatomy, ecology and conservation of wild medicinal and potentially medicinal and aromatic plants, especially from the Lamiaceae, Apiaceae and Asteraceae families.

Competent in use of the English and Russian language.

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