Ljiljana Đekić, PhD

Dr sc. Ljiljana Đekić

Position: Full Professor
Organizational unit: Department of Pharmaceutical Technology and Cosmetology
Address: Vojvode Stepe 450, 11221 Belgrade, Serbia
Room: B307
Phone: +381 11 3951-359
Fax: +381 11 3972-840
Email: ljiljana.djekic@pharmacy.bg.ac.rs


Assoc. prof. Ljiljana Đekić graduated (1998), received MS degree (2004) and PhD (2011) from the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Belgrade, and completed specialization in pharmaceutical technology (2013). Employment at the Department of Pharmaceutical Technology and Cosmetology: associate in practical classes (1998-2001), assistant trainee (2001-2004), assistant (2004-2012), assistant professor (2012-2017) and associate professor (2017-present). She held practical classes in Pharmaceutical Technology and Biopharmacy at the Department of Pharmacy, Faculty of Medicine, University of Banja Luka, Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina (2001-2006). She is a lecturer on several courses within: Integrated academic studies-study program Pharmacy; Specialist academic studies-study program Cosmetology; Specialization of health workers and health associates-study program Pharmaceutical Technology; Doctoral academic studies-study program Pharmaceutical Technology; Doctoral academic studies-study program Cosmetology.

Assoc. prof. Ljiljana Đekić is a mentor and/or a member of commissions for evaluation and defense of doctoral dissertations, specialist theses and graduate theses.

Research interest: development of novel pharmaceutical dosage forms based on strategies of microencapsulation and nanoencapsulation of active substances for different administration routes.

Assoc. prof. Ljiljana Đekić is an associate on projects financed by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia.

She is a co-author of 11 textbooks, 13 book chapters, 1 scientific monograph, 2 patents, 55 scientific journal articles and over 70 papers presented at international and national conferences.

She contributes to activities of the Center for Students Scientific Research and the Center for Cosmetology and Dermopharmacy at the Faculty of Pharmacy.

She is a member of the Council of the Faculty of Pharmacy and president of the Commission for Publishing of the Faculty of Pharmacy.

Assoc. prof. Ljiljana Đekić is a lecturer at congresses, continuing education courses and professional seminars.

She is a member of the Editorial Board of Archive of pharmacy and the Pharmaceutical Association of Serbia (SFUS).

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