Miloš Petković, PhD

Dipl. hem Miloš Petković

Position: Associate professor
Organizational unit: Department of Organic Chemistry
Room: A100 (lab 17)
Phone: +381 113951 235


Miloš Petković was born on December 4, 1980. in Belgrade, where he finished elementary and high school. He enrolled at the Faculty of Chemistry in Belgrade in the 1999/00, where he graduated in 2005 from the Department of Organic Chemistry.

He enrolled in master studies in 2006/07, and in 2008 he completed and defended his master's thesis entitled "Application of palladium-catalyzed reactions in the synthesis of aminoquinolines".

He completed his doctoral studies at the Faculty of Chemistry in Belgrade, entitled "Allen and Nucleophile Reactions Catalyzed by Palladium Complexes". He defended his doctoral dissertation in 2014 (mentors Prof. Dr. Vladimir Savić and Associate Professor Marija Baranac-Stojanović, PhD).

Since 2007, he has been a teaching associate at the Department of Organic Chemistry of the Faculty of Pharmacy in Belgrade. He was elected as an assistant in 2009, as an assistant professor in 2016 and as an associate professor in 2021. As an assistant, he participated in the implementation of practical and consultative classes in the mandatory subjects Organic Chemistry I (MF), Organic Chemistry II (MF), Bioorganic Chemistry (MF-MB) and Organic Chemistry (MF-MB), as well as the elective subject Practicum from organic chemistry (MF). Since he was elected as an assistant professor, he has been a lecturer in Organic Chemistry 1 (MF) for studies in Serbian and English. In student surveys during 2007-2021, he was graded with average grades higher than 4.80 / 5.00. He is a member of the commission for the defense of final papers and a mentor of student research projects in cooperation with CNIRS.
He is a co-author of a Practicum in organic chemistry (for students of the Faculty of Pharmacy).

He has published a total of 30 papers in international journals and several presentations at international and domestic conferences.

  • A base promoted cyclization of N-propargylaminopyridines. Synthesis of imidazo[1,2-a]pyridine derivatives
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    M21, Chemistry, Organic (6/56) IF2011 = 5.862

  • Anti-biofilm Properties of Bacterial Di-Rhamnolipids and Their Semi-Synthetic Amide Derivatives
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    M21, Microbiology (31/125), IF2017=4,019

  • Synthesis of 2-unsubstituted imidazolones from bisamides via a one-pot, domino dehydration/base promoted cyclisation process
    Djukanovic D, Petkovic M, Simic M, Jovanovic P, Tasic G, Savic V.
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  • Cyclative Cascades of Allenamides Derived from Amino Acids: Synthesis of Annulated Indoxyl Derivatives
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  • Synthesis of Allyl Acetates via Palladium-Catalysed Functionalisation of Allenes and 1,3-Dienes
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    M22, Chemistry, Organic (22/57) IF2012=2.500

  • Palladium-catalysed synthesis of allyl acetates from allenes
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  • Characterization of Biomolecules with Antibiotic Activity from Endophytic Fungi Phomopsis Species
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    M23, Chemistry, Multidisciplinary (132/177), IF2019=1.263
  • Synthesis of 4-aryl-2-aminopyridine derivates and related compounds
    Pavlovic V, Petkovic M, Popovic S, Savic V.
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    M23, Chemistry, Organic (41/57) IF2009=0.961